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Meta’s Thread App: Unveiling Meta’s Social Media Revolution

These days, social media users are buzzing about Meta’s recently established social networking platform Threads. On July 5, 2023, Meta released the text-based social media platform “Threads App”. This app aims to give users a more personal and private way to communicate with their friends and followers.

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Since its launch, Threads has quickly gained popularity. Within the first 24 hours of the app launch, it was downloaded by over 30 million times. Meta has also announced that it is planning to continue to add new features to Threads in the coming months.

This app allows users to publish brief messages, known as Threads , that are limited to 500 characters. And this Thread App is comparable to Twitter.

How to create account on Thread?

Threads App is only available to users who already have an Instagram account. To create a Threads account, users simply need to open the Instagram app and click on the bottom right corner of the screen i.e. icon of Thread. We can access Threads from both mobile app as well as web.

How Thread App is different from Twitter?

You may have heard the very hot discussion everywhere that this meta’s threads have a very similar feature to Twitter. If so, then you heard it very right.

Instagram’s Threads App has almost the same features as Twitter but with a few more additional features that Twitter does not have. This App has the ability to share a number of images at a time as well as the capacity to design and limit polls and quizzes. Also, the post on Threads can be shared on Twitter but the post shared on Twitter can’t be shared on threads.

Key features of Meta’s Threads app:

Here are some of the key features of Meta’s Threads App that you need to know before starting your journey on threads.

Personalized feed. Threads show you posts from the people you follow, as well as posts from people you’ve recently interacted with on Instagram.

Short messages: Threads posts are limited to 500 characters, making them perfect for sharing quick updates or thoughts.

Photos and videos: You can share photos and videos in your Threads posts.

Polls and quizzes: You can create polls and quizzes in your Threads posts to engage with your followers.

Text based conversation: Threads focus more on the conversation to have a good discussion with people alike you.

Community discussion: This feature can help in improving communication, building trust and generating new ideas.

Connecting with like minded people: By providing the space to people you can connect with them and let them share their ideas and learn from each other.

Sharing ideas and creativity: By providing an environment where people can share their ideas and creativity can lead to new innovative solutions. Hence this feature seems to be an important one.

Similar UI to Twitter: Threads has a very similar UI like Twitter. But it has a few more features that Twitter does not have like the ability to limit who can see your posts and who can create polls.

Access to the entire network of Instagram followers: Once you log in to Threads App, you get the entire access to your Instagram account and so the followers. You need not start from scratch to build your account’s following. 

After knowing these features, maybe your excitement level can at the top level. But wait there’s something more to spice up your curiosity and excitement. Read below the mind-blowing facts of threads that could boost you at the moment.

Important Facts you need to know about Threads

  1. Threads app is available for Android and IOS both.
  2. The character limit is 500.
  3. You can’t edit your Thread.
  4. It’s a Ad free platform (as of now).
  5. You can’t switch between your accounts, you need to log out first, then log in with the other.
  6. You can set the time limit, if you want to take a break from threads.
  7. You can’t DM anyone (as of now).
  8. If you want to see somebody’s Instagram profile then there’s a Instagram icon on the right hand side of each profiles.
  9. There is a plus sign on that user profile whom you are not following. This you can see in your feed.
  10. Accounts blocked on Instagram will be considered blocked on Threads too.
  11. Threads can be shared directly as an Instagram post or story or even on the Twitter.
  12. You can hide the offensive words by changing the settings (Settings – Privacy – Keyword)
  13. You can even chose to hide likes.
  14. Just like Twitter, threads also provide 3 options to choose who can reply to your thread (Anyone – Profile you Follow – Mentioned you)
  15. Here hashtags are not that relevant.
  16. Via search option you can search the accounts.
  17. You can’t upload 10 items in a caraousal, else most of the time threads get crashed.
  18. You can’t see whom a user is following on their profile. You need to click on the followers number to check this.
  19. You can mute a person by clicking on the three dots on a thread they have posted.
  20. A account verified on Instagram is a account verified on Threads too.
  21. You can deactivate your Threads account only once a week.
  22. You can change the setting of your profile from public to private or can block someone’s profile.
  23. To delete your Thread profile and data, you need to delete your Instagram profile too.

This is not the end you have got something more to know. Are you wondering how to effectively maximize the benefits of Threads, then carry on reading this blog till the end.

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3 Effective ways to maximize the benefits of Threads

  1. Share real-time updates: This app enables instant sharing of photos, videos and messages in the form of So why not to leverage this feature as an important factor to keep your audience informed about your activities and share value with them.
  2. Engage in meaningful conversation: Meta’ thread fosters intimate conversation among your close friend. It provides a space for open discussion to strengthen your relationships with each other. So by taking the advantage of this platform, engage in establishing genuine connections, dive in deep discussions and share your personal thoughts.
  3. Collaborate and Plan together: If you are planning to collaborate on a project, organizing an event or planning a trip with your closed ones. You can always share your ideas, share details, assign tasks and collectively make decisions in one place to ensure yours organization’s efficiency. As because Instagram’s threads can provide a dedicated space for making a coordination.

Advantages of using Thread

Here are a few of its advantages.

Threads App is more personal and intimate

Threads is designed to be in a personal and intimate manner for users to communicate with their friends and followers. This is because it is only available to users who already have an Instagram account, and it shows you posts from the people you follow, as well as posts from people you’ve recently interacted with on Instagram.

This Twitter rival is more visually appealing 

Threads allow users to share photos and videos in their posts, which can make them more visually appealing and engaging. 

Threads App is more integrated with Instagram 

Threads is integrated with Instagram, which means that it allows users to share their Threads posts to their Instagram stories and feeds. This can help Threads to reach a wider audience.

However, Threads also has some disadvantages that could prevent it from competing with Twitter.

Disadvantages of using Thread

Twitter has a much larger user base than Threads. This means that there are fewer people to see your Threads posts, which can make it more difficult to build a following. Also, Twitter offers a wider range of features than Threads, such as live streaming and the ability to embed tweets in other websites. This could make Twitter a more attractive option for some users.

So far we have discussed much about Thread. I just hope that now you have an overview of the recently launched app Thread. But one question that just clicked into my mind is – Why does Threads focus only on Conversation, not more on visuals and videos for engaging with the audience? So, firstly let’s understand why engagement on any Social Media is important?

Why Engagement is Important for any Social Media?

Engagement is important for any social media platform because it:

Helps to build a community – When people engage with each other on a social media platform, it creates a sense of community. This can make users feel more connected to each other and to the platform itself.

Increases visibility – The more engagement a post gets, the more likely it is to be seen by other users. This help in increasing the reach of your content and to attract new followers.

Drives traffic to your website or blog – When people engage with your content on social media, they may be more likely to click on links to your website or blog. This can help to increase traffic to your website and to boost your website’s SEO.

Generates leads and sales – If you are a business owner, engagement on social media will help you to generate new leads and sales for your business. When people engage with your content, they may learn more about your products or services and may be more likely to become customers.

Now, having some clarity about the importance of engagement on Social Media, let’s know this engagement concept regarding Thread. 

Tips for creating engagement on Threads App

Post interesting and engaging content – This could be anything from personal stories to thought-provoking questions to funny memes. The key is to post content that your audience will find interesting and relevant.

Use visuals – People are more likely to engage with content that includes visuals, such as photos and videos. If you can, try to include visuals in your Threads posts.

Ask questions – Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation and get people engaged. When you ask a question, be sure to leave some ro for people to respond.

Organize contests and giveaways – Contests and giveaways are great ways to attract attention of the people and get engagement. When you run a contest, be sure to make the prizes something that your audience will be interested in.

Promote your Threads on other social media platforms – If you have a great following on any other social media platform, make sure to promote your threads posts there also. This will help you to reach a wide range of audience.

Respond to replies and mentions – When people take the time to reply you on Threads, be sure to respond. This shows that you appreciate their engagement and that you’re interested in having a conversation.

By following these tips, you can create engaging Threads posts that will help you to build a following and reach a wider audience.

Overall, this Threads App has the potential to be a successful social media platform in the future. However, it will need to overcome some challenges in order to compete with its closest rival Twitter. But there is a high chance of this app surpassing Twitter in the near future. 

I would like to conclude this article with a line – Be authentic and genuine, Be consistent, and most importantly Be patient, these are the key to grow on Threads App by Meta.

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