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DigiSkolae now offers a highly valued Certificate in Digital Marketing by Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati, in association with HODM. 

We offer Live Classroom Digital Marketing Training and Live Online Classes as well.

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Why People Recommend DigiSkolae

At DigiSkolae, our acclaimed Professional Program In Digital Marketing Course sets us apart as a reliable destination for top-notch digital marketing education. We take immense pride in being the trusted choice among the students for pursuing Career oriented Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow, and there are several reasons why people recommend us. Our institute, nestled in the heart of Lucknow, stands out for its personalized approach and commitment to nurturing students who want to pursue their Career in Digital Marketing.

What truly sets us apart is our experienced team, having a collective experience of 25 years. This team isn’t just a group of instructors, they are mentors who have guided countless students towards achieving their career goals. Our track record speaks volumes, we’ve positively impacted the lives of thousands, helping them carve their paths in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

When you choose Digiskolae, you’re not simply enrolling in a Digital Marketing course, you’re embarking on a journey of growth and success. Our student-centric philosophy, industry-relevant curriculum, and hands-on learning approach ensure that each individual receives in-depth and practical training.

Advance Digital Marketing course training in India

Key Benefits of Joining DigiSkolae

Flagship Digital Marketing Courses DigiSkolae Offers to You

Digiskolae offers Basic to Advance level Digital Marketing Certificate courses. Our courses are designed to cater to the needs of everyone. These include-

Professional Program in Digital Marketing Course

5 Months In-depth Training | 3 Months Mandatory Internship during Course duration | 100% Placement Guarantee

Executive Program in Digital Marketing Course

3 Months Organic Marketing Training | Guaranteed Internship and Placement assistance | 8+ Certifications

Advance SEO & Analytics Course

45 Days Practical Training | Hands-on Practice on Live Training | Guaranteed Internship & Placement Assistance

Advance Social Media Marketing Course

30 days Project Oriented Training | Work on Live Projects | Guaranteed Internship & Placement Assistance

Explore Lucknow's Best Digital Marketing Course

Professional Program in Digital Marketing course is one of the most updated and in-depth course in digital marketing. It covers more than 60+ advanced topics in digital marketing, starting from the basics and going to the advanced topics. In this course, you’ll learn about things like making cool graphics, creating websites, advanced ways to make your website show up on search engines by using SEO techniques, sending Marketing Emails using different tools, using Google Ads, making the most of Social Media, both the free parts and the ads you pay for, creating Content that sells, Affiliate Marketing, freelancing, and many other topics.

This course is designed to teach you what companies are looking for. You’ll start with the basics and go all the way to the advanced strategies used in digital marketing. After completing the PPDM course you will be awarded multiple certifications including a highly valued Certificate in Digital Marketing Course from HODM in collaboration with Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati & a certificate in Search Engine Marketing Executive by a Government organization.  

PPDM course includes mid-course Internship in digital marketing. This means you’ll get some real-world experience while you’re learning. Following are the course curriculum details –

Module 01: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Module 02: Market Research using Google Forms

Module 03: Introduction to Graphic Designing

Module 04: Video Creation & Editing

M 05: Introduction to World Wide Web and Website Designing

M 06: Expertise different Website builders

M 07: E-commerce Website designing

M 08: Expertizing Landing Pages

M 09: Creating Landing Pages

M 10: Learn Various Tools & Channels for Email Marketing

M 11: Live Project on Email Marketing

M 12: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

M 13: On-Page SEO

M 14: Off-Page SEO

M 15: Local SEO

M 16: Technical SEO

M 17: Google Search Console

M 18: Google Analytics

M 19: Bing Webmaster Tool

M 20: Introduction to Mobile Marketing and how to effectively launch Mobile Marketing Campaigns


M 21: Introduction to Social Media Marketing
M 22: Facebook Business Optimization
M 23: LinkedIn Marketing
M 24: Twitter Marketing

M 25: Introduction to You Tube
● Learn to create your own YouTube Channel
● Optimizing YouTube Videos
● Strategies to grow your YouTube audience
● Monetization of YouTube Channel

M 26: Understanding Search Engine Marketing

M 27: Google Search Ads Setup

M 28: Quora Marketing

● Optimizing Quora
● Quora Marketing Strategies
● Live Project on Quora


M 29: Advance Graphic Designing using Photoshop

M 30: Advance Graphic Designing Using Adobe Illustrator

M 31: Advance Social Media Marketing Strategies
M 32: Facebook Advertising
M 33: Social Media Retargeting using FB Pixel
M 34: LinkedIn Paid Advertising
M 35: Instagram Growth Hacks
M 36: Instagram Paid Advertising
M 37: Pinterest Marketing
M 38: Quora Paid Ads

M 39: What is Influencer Marketing & How to search & connect with Influencers according to niche?

M 40: Advance Search Engine Marketing
M 41: Advance Google Ads Creation
M 42: Google Remarketing
M 43: Bing Ads
M 44: Online Display Advertising

M 45: Google Tag Manager
M 46: Google Data Studio

M 47: E-commerce Onboarding
M 48:  Blogging
M 49: Google Adsense
M 51: Affiliate Marketing
M 52: Cost Per Action Marketing
M 53: Ways to fetch Freelance Projects

M 54: Content Writing
M 55: Content Marketing

M 56: Online Reputation Management
M 57: Growth Hack Strategies 

M 58: Entrepreneurship Development Session

M 59: Personality Development Sessions
M 60: Communication Skills development 
M 61: Interview Handling Skills

Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Skills with Exclusive Masterclasses!

Apart from our regular Digital Marketing training we also conduct exclusive Digital Marketing Masterclasses. These Masterclasses are typically led by experts in their field, allowing our students to learn from some of the best in the industry. Through our exclusive masterclasses, our Digital Marketing Course students get the opportunity to enhance their skills and gain new techniques and knowledge that professionals use.

Who can Learn Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow for students


Learning digital marketing can be incredibly beneficial for students. In today's connected world, understanding how to promote products and ideas online is like having a superpower. It opens doors to various career paths and part-time gigs. From social media and email campaigns to SEO tricks, digital marketing skills make you stand out to employers. You can start your career with a Job and Freelancing as well. Even if you're not a tech wizard, the basics are easy to grasp.

Getting digital marketing skills can help professionals to get good growth.


Learning digital marketing offers professionals a dynamic path for career growth. Think of it as a turbocharger for your career engine in today's digital landscape. By mastering digital marketing, you gain the ability to connect with a wider audience and elevate your brand's visibility. You can take a decent leap in your profile or can start freelancing along with your present profession. Whether you're a veteran or a beginner, embracing digital marketing can unlock doors to career success you never knew existed.

Housewife's can restart their career using digital marketing skills.


For homemakers, learning digital marketing can brings a variety of benefits. Imagine it as a tool that adds wings to your talents. Learning digital marketing lets you explore home-based earning opportunities through Full time job or Freelancing. With a grasp of basics like social media posting, Search Engine Optimization and online communication, you're all set. So, whether you're a tech novice or familiar, embracing digital marketing can empower you to transform your skills into a rewarding online Careers.


At DigiSkolae, we are committed to providing high-quality Digital Marketing Training to all of our students. We believe that our students are the best judges of our success, and that’s why we’re proud to feature testimonials from some of our students of our Advance Digital Marketing Course.

Here’s what our students have to say about their experiences at DigiSkolae

Japneet Kaur
Japneet Kaur
Read More
24.8.2022 is the date when i have taken my best ever step to join Digiskolae..Thankuuu ANURAG SIR for giving best teachings. Weather it is of studies or anything u have taken care of us like ur own child…and u have made our 5 months journey wonderful… DIGISKOLAE HAS MY HEART. My institute have best teacher’s…THANKUUU Anurag sir, Abhay sir , Harshit sir for helping through out my journey and till now… Thankuu for making us placed. You have given us a way to success.. I'll make sure you will be proud of us one day.
Satyam Vishwakarma
Satyam Vishwakarma
Read More
I was really blessed to get into the guidance of digiskolae. For Me, Digiskolae is not just an institute that made my career but its a family also. We made lots of memories and I'm gonna miss those memories forever. And that Family is just because of our supportive teachers Anurag sir, Abhay sir and Harshit sir. These 5 months spent with you all were the most beautiful days of my life and i won't be able to forget them in my whole life. Thank you so much Digiskolae for providing me my Mentor Anurag sir. And at last I would only say that Digiskolae is the best Digital Marketing institute in Lucknow and I am really blessed because of the support given by Anurag sir as like a guardian at the time of my job placement. Thank you so much sir. You are my one and only Mentor.
Utkarsh Shukla
Utkarsh Shukla
Read More
Thanku Digiskolae for your guidance in making my career in digital marketing field... This is my best decision to pursue digital marketing from Digiskolae. Thank you so so so much Anurag Sir, Harshit sir, Abhay sir for your hard work... Your patience and commitment to supporting me has mean a lot to me... Your expertise in Digital Marketing has put my mind at ease.. Digiskolae life ki Meri sabse best coaching hai.....sir ka nature, padhane ka tareeka and experience kamal ka hai. And Maine aap sabko sabse jyda pareshaan kiya toh uske liye sorry to all teacher but sir yeh Meri life ke sbse best moments the Bahut kuch seekhne ko mila aap sab se bahut help mili interview face krne ki and self confidence boost krne mai. I am so grateful to have you as my teacher's.... Dil se thank you and never forget me sir I always miss my Digiskolae family and thanks for supporting me always.
Shiwang Khare
Shiwang Khare
Read More
Thank you so much Anurag sir, Its all became possible only because of you and the life lessons I have learned in Digiskolae. I also want to thank Harshit Sir and Abhay Sir for guiding and supporting me at every aspects as my elder brother. I also want to thank to my colleague Satyam, Utkarsh, Mahima & Japneet as u guys were always became the reason for my happiness. I love Digiskolae and with the blessings and support of uh all and the experience I'll get from here, I'll definitely rule the market of digital marketing very soon and will make u all feel proud .
Anshuman Yadav
Anshuman Yadav
Read More
I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for all that you have done for me. When I first joined Digiskolae, I had no idea how much my life was about to change. I was just looking for an institute to enhance my skills, but Digiskolae turned out to be much more than that. My heartfelt thanks to Anurag sir for being an exceptional teacher. From the very first day, I felt like a part of the Digiskolae family. The teachers, staff, and administrators all made me feel welcome and supported. The education and training I received were truly outstanding, and it has made a huge difference in my career. Thanks to Digiskolae, I am now equipped with the skills and knowledge that have helped me to achieve my professional goals. The hands-on experience that I gained during my training has proved to be immensely helpful in my professional journey. I am proud to say that I am a part of the Digiskolae family, and I would always cherish the memories that I have created here. My special thanks to Harshit sir, I am truly Fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you. And Heartfelt thanks to Abhay sir, I have learned so much from you and i will always remember the lessons you have taught me. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance, mentorship, and support.

Why Digital Marketing is Today's Best Career Option

Digital Marketing is the best career option

The Pandemic has introduced us to a Digital Revolution. Every small and big business entity is taking the digital path to grow their business. The only mantra today is “Go Digital to be Sustainable”.

With this enormously increasing demand across the Globe, there is a huge surge for Skilled Digital Marketers. Digital Marketing has become the most lucrative career choice as it can provide you with a high paying JOB along with a platform to sit in the comfort of home while conveniently handling international clients.

With DigiSkolae, we help you get the best Digital Marketing Training & Certifications which would lead you to grab the highest paying Digital Marketing Jobs.   With our Advance Digital Marketing Course, you can be an expert in online platforms like Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.), Search Engines (Google, Bing etc.), Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and so on.

Become a Skilled Digital Marketer, Join DigiSkolae’s Advance Digital Marketing Course and start your career in next 5 months

Digital Marketing Career Begins With Us

We, at DigiSkolae, offer supportive and inspirational environments for young minds to learn Digital Marketing and grow with us. Our passionate and dedicated team of Mentors ensures proper practical learning for every student. With our Advance Digital Marketing Course, we strive to build confident and creative Digital marketers. With the Motto of “CAREER STARTS HERE”, we aim to deliver an education that is genuinely relevant to their future Career.

Best Digital Marketing institute in India

Opening Doors to Career Opportunities: How Digiskolae Remarkably Helps Students Land Job Placements

In today’s fast-paced and competitive job market, students are on the lookout for that extra edge that can land them promising career placements. This is where Digiskolae steps in, offering a one-of-a-kind approach that not only enhances learning but significantly boosts the chances of getting placed in top-notch companies.

Gone are the days when education was confined to dull textbooks and monotonous classrooms. Digiskolae has fully embraced the digital revolution, turning it into a powerful tool that provides students with an engaging and interactive learning journey. But what truly sets Digiskolae apart is its unwavering commitment to turning learning into real-world achievements.

So, you might wonder, how exactly does Digiskolae contribute to students placement success? Let’s dive in –

Learning Through Doing

Forget about boring lectures and theoretical rambling. DigiSkolae's Digital Marketing curriculum focuses on practical skills through hands-on projects, interactive simulations, and real-life case studies.

Personalized Support

Digiskolae acknowledges each student's uniqueness, offering personalized mentorship and career guidance to amplify strengths and tackle weaknesses, enhancing interview and assessment performance.

Mastering Those Interviews

Interviews can be scary, but Digiskolae makes them easier with Mock Interview, Group Discussion, Personality Development and Skill Refinement sessions, boosting confidence for real interviews.

Industry Connections

Digiskolae's industry connections give students direct exposure to professionals, leading to internships, workshops, and networking that boost placement prospects.

Stories of Triumph - Our Recently Placed Students

Perhaps the most heartening part is the success stories that emerge from the Digiskolae community. Our placed students have gone on to successful careers in Digital Marketing after completing our comprehensive Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow. They have secured positions at leading companies in a variety of industries, using their Digital skills to drive online growth and engage with customers in new ways. Our graduates are excelling in roles such as SEO Executives, Social Media managers, Content Marketers, Digital Advertising Specialists, etc. utilizing their knowledge of SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social Media, etc. to achieve measurable results for their employers. We are proud to have played a role in launching their careers and look forward to following their continued success in the Digital Marketing field.  

Why Choose Us As Your Preferred Digital Marketing Institute

100% Job Oriented Course

Our Advance Digital Marketing Course comes with Integrated Internship with renowned Digital Marketing Agencies. This helps our Students to get Live Project Experience and helps securing a high paying job then any other fresher. We Provide full Placement Assistance to our Students.

Practical Training by Expert Mentors

You will learn different concepts of Digital Marketing by Different Expert Mentors. Unique Masterclasses will be taken by Industry Professionals having rich experience in Digital marketing Domain.

Get 15+ Certification

Get Certified by HODM, in collaboration with Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati, NSIC (Govt. of India Enterprise), DigiSkolae, Google, Hubspot, Semrush etc. Also earn Internship Certificate from renowned Digital marketing Agencies.

Mandatory Internship

Every student is provided with mandatory Internship Training during the course duration. This additional training helps them procure a better paying Job.

Cutting Edge Training

The unique training methodology of DigiSkolae is backed & governed by Industry Professionals having several years of exposure to their domains. 

Peronalized Mentoring

At DigiSkolae, we provide one-to-one Mentorship for better understanding of the concepts of Digital Marketing. Our batches consist of a maximum of 15 students per batch. 

Regular MasterClasses

At DigiSkolae we offer a unique concept of Masterclass with Industry Professionals which help our students to learn the latest Marketing Strategies.

One more reason to join DigiSkolae’s Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow

100% Money Back Guarantee 

If you are not satisfied with our Digital Marketing Training, we will refund your course fee

Digital Marketing Course Fee & Offers

At DigiSkolae, we’re committed to making digital marketing education accessible to all. That’s why we’ve structured our course fees of our Digital Marketing Courses to be affordable and considerate of everyone’s budget. We understand that people from various walks of life want to learn about digital marketing, and we believe that financial constraints should never stand in the way of gaining valuable skills. Our course fees range from 7500/- to 45000/- depending upon the level of course you want to join. Rest assured, our digital marketing course fees in Lucknow have been designed with you in mind, ensuring that quality education in digital marketing is within reach for everyone. We often run Scholarship program time to time. Connect with our Career coach and ask if there is any at present. 

Now you can pay the course fee of PPDM – our flagship Digital Marketing Course in 8 interest free EMIs (conditions apply). 

Affordable Course Fee

Get Extra 10% Off on Group Admission

Pay in Easy Installments

Diverse Payment Options for Digital Marketing Course Fees

Paying Course Fees for the Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow is easy. You can use different methods like UPI, Cash, Cheque, or bank transfer. Choose the way that works best for you and start your journey toward mastering digital marketing.

How To Reach DigiSkolae ?

Getting to DigiSkolae is easy! We’re located on Goel Plaza, F 3, Faizabad Rd, near Lekhraj Metro Station, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016, which means you can easily reach us from different parts of the city like Alambagh, Rajajipuram, Charbagh, Hazratganj, Aminabad, Munshi Pulia, Chowk, Vikas Nagar, Aliganj, and Gomti Nagar. If you’re familiar with the metro, you’re in luck, we’re just a short 100-meter walk from Lekhraj Metro station. And don’t worry if you prefer other modes of transport – you have options, you can hop on a bus, catch a tempo, take the metro, or use your own private vehicle to come to our institute. It’s really that convenient, so, no matter where you’re coming from, reaching DigiSkolae is a breeze. We can’t wait to welcome you and help you learn about Digital Marketing.


Although there are many many institutes in Lucknow who are offering a range of Digital Marketing courses. You should judge the best course on the basis of Course content, Trainers, Founders background, Placement records and Placement collaboration’s, alumni review and at last the Certifications. At DigiSkolae, we are so confident on fulfilling the above-mentioned factors that we boldly offer no question asked 30 days money back guarantee. Join us with peace of mind. If you don’t find us the best, at least you will get back your money.

For getting a job in Digital Marketing you need to get skilled on various aspects of Digital Marketing techniques. You can consider joining DigiSkolae’s Professional Program in Digital Marketing course. This course is curated with the help of industry professionals. You will learn all the latest techniques and strategies for online marketing. We suggest that before joining this course you should compare the content of the course with other digital marketing courses in Lucknow. You will get to know how in-depth our course is.

Different Digital Marketing Institutes in Lucknow offer different fees structure on Digital marketing Courses. At DigiSkolae, we are offering different levels of courses in Digital Marketing. Our fees ranges from Inr. 9500/ to Inr. 45000/-. Depending on the level of course and certifications.

Of course it is beneficial to learn Digital Marketing after completing class 12th. But along with digital marketing course students also need to complete graduation as in most of the vacancies, minimum qualification required is graduation. Student can do freelancing or can connect with an digital marketing agency and earn decent money while doing further study.

We inspire our students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in making their Digital Marketing Career.

Team DigiSkolae

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